ANDREA (_____niggga) wrote in ohno___ana,

I'm new here and to this whole livejournalyness thing too. soooo.

Height:5' 3''
Current weight:97
Highest weight:105
Lowest weight:93
Short term Goal weight:85
Long term Goal weight:90
How long have you had an ED?1 year
What is your ED?bulimia

I was wondering if anybody would like to join me in a fasting shindig. Well not exactly a shindig but a fast atleast. I've neevr done one so I'm proud to say I would be a fasting virgin and it would be an honor if I could share my first time with some of you =) so since i'm new to this fasting buisness do you ahve any tips or are there like ground rules or something? I was thinking a seven day juice and water fast or something like that...

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